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'Eveline' - two artists based in the surrounding areas of Berlin have formed a musical unit, creating songs based on the genres of Indie, Pop and Electro. Lisa Koegler and Jan Eric Markert got together in October 2013. In their search for untamed creativity, combining musical styles that go beyond the boundaries of traditional genres, they hope to accomplish what previously, during their careers as solo artists, had not been possible. 'Eveline' quickly turned into a band – Saxophone, Guitar, Drums and Bass are after all not only a complement to the musical idea, but also an enrichment in their own right. Their background in classical music and jazz enables them to create a unique voice combining tones and instruments that set them apart from any previous style. The diversity of their songs originates mainly from a wealth of different musical experiences which is brought together in 'Eveline'. Their music is defined by the artists’ desire not to be pinned down and categorised, and aims to translate life with all its ups and downs into new musical ideas.